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October 02 2014


10 Habits That Cause Cellulite

Lifestyle and habits among numerous causes of developing cellulite and there are a few habits which trigger this issue.

1 – Crossing Legs

Many actresses have to sit with legs crossed due to their dress style. Though it is needed and looks the posture looks very sexy too, it can cause cellulite. If you stay too long in this position, it blocks circulation making putting it easy to develop cellulite. So avoid sitting with cross legs for too long.

2 – Snacking

The most horrible thing you can do is to have snacks between meals, especially if it is chocolate, candy, chips, etc. If you are really hungry, get some fruit or yogurt so as to avoid developing weight and cellulite.

3 – Bathing with Hot Water

You love to have hot bath after a long day of work as it is very relaxing, but you should be aware of the fact that using very hot) water, over 30 degrees, encourages the sagging of muscles because heat relaxes tissues. So keep the water lower than 30 degrees and use invigorating cream after bath.

4 – Quick Weight Loss

Losing lots of weight in short time is really not good for health, especially following extreme diets since skin is not able to adapt to the new volume of weight, ultimately causing horrible sagging effect. It is better to lose weight little by little along with exercise and also include vegetables and protein in your diet to build muscle.

5 – High Heels

Although high heels stylized the figure, but too high heels causes leg muscles to tighten and they prevent movement, as a result, cellulite appears. It is ok to wear high heels for special occasions only instead of wearing regularly.

6 – Excessive Coffee

Coffee tastes too good, but its excessiveness isn’t a good supporter of female beauty as it excessive consumption has a vasoconstrictor effect, preventing oxygenation of tissues. You are advised to have a cup or two of coffee in the whole day.

7 – Lack of Sleep

Many studies show that having sleeping less than 8 hours damages health and accumulate fat, so it important to have sufficient sleep.

8 – Tight Clothing

Wearing tight clothes hinder the blood flow and favor the accumulation of toxins in the body.

9 – Sunbathing

Spending several hours under the sun damages collagen fibers of skin which makes it weak and prone to be attacked by orange peel.

10 – Rush

If you live on-the-run under great stress at all times, it frees large amounts of catecholamine, a hormone that increases production of fatty tissues. You should take out one day in a week to relax by means of a massage or spa.

These are the habits that cause you cellulite and you must bring changes in lifestyle to avoid this ugly looking disease.

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